PHP Expert Editor 4.0

    New features in version 4.0

    1. UTF-8 is supported.
    2. MDI – interface. More potentialities to manipulate open windows.
    3. Window splitting.
    4. The settings of editor are stored to the ini-file. (now it is very easy to make a back copy of editor settings).
    5. 100% customizable code highlighting. You can create a highlighting scheme (Lexer) for any language. The highlighting scheme saved to file, and You can choose a highlighting schemes, make changes, send highlighting schemes by e-mail, etc.
    6. Code collapsing.
    7. New highlighting and auto-closing of brackets.
    8. You can specify at highlighting scheme a Code Template for each language.
    9. Shows a code staple for cycles, loops, functions, tags, etc.
    10. Code Explorer now can parse a include-files, all open files or only current file. The data of Code Explorer uses a auto code completion.
    11. Sort and Quick search in Code Explorer by name or line number.
    12. Quick Navigation. Quickly jump to description of function or class. Also this works when function or class are described in other file and Code Explorer has parsed this file.
    13. New auto code completion. The auto code completion is uses a data of Code Explorer.
    14. File Explorer supports Tree/List/Tree&List; modes.
    15. New FTP – client with SFTP support.
    16. Customizable toolbars.
    17. Customizable shortcuts and editor key mapping.
    18. Perl support. It is possible to make settings for using some interpreters.
    19. You can use few help files. But Ctrl+F1 is valid only for PHP Help.
    20. Print Preview.
    21. Export to HTML and RTF.
    22. Search and replacement in the files.