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    PHP Expert Editor is an easy-to-use IDE for Windows with UTF-8 support. This PHP editor software supports Perl, Python, Java Script and other languages too. ThisPHP code editor specially designed for PHP-masters and has a nice features for beginners and professional programmers. PHP Expert Editor has internal HTTP-server and Debugger to run, test and debug PHP scripts (you can use any external HTTP-server also). The PHP Syntax Check, internal browser, Code Explorer, File Explorer, FTP client with SFTP support, Project Explorer, Code Templates, customizable code highlighting, quick navigation in code, and much more.

    Program’s Features

    • UTF-8 is supported.
    • 100% customizable Code Highlighting.
    • Code block collapsing.
    • Internal Browser.
    • FTP Client with SFTP support.
    • The Code Explorer.
    • The File Explorer with Favorites.
    • The Project Explorer.
    • The Library Explorer.
    • Customizable shortcuts and editor key mapping.
    • Keyboard Macros.
    • PHP Macros.
    • Autosaving.
    • PHP Syntax Check.
    • Run the PHP script and preview the result in the internal or external browser.
    • PHP Debugger.
    • For running and debugging PHP scripts you can use internal or external HTTP-server.
    • All Content-Type(s) supported. You can run scripts that generate any content (for example images).
    • Fast inserting the PHP functions with parameters hint.
    • Quick Navigation in PHP Code by mouse right-click and hot keys.
    • Brackets highlighting.
    • Customizable Code Templates.
    • Source code export to HTML and print with syntax highlighting.
    • Bookmarks.
    • Classic or XP interface styles.
    • PHP Help support with a fast search of keyword.
    • Windows/Unix/Mac file formats support.
    • Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl support. It is possible to make settings for using some interpreters.

    Hardware requirements

    • CPU: P-100
    • RAM: 64MB

    The following software should be installed on your computer

    • OS – Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    • PHP (for running and previewing PHP scripts)
    • MS Internet Explorer 5.x or above

    Note: PHP Expert Editor works fine without PHP, but you can not run and debug scripts without PHP.

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